Dos Amigas 


Tell us about you and your business! (Ex. How long you’ve been in business, What brought you to your craft, How people can find your business)

We are Erica Arteaga and Liz Gonzalez-Lara. Dos Amigas is a woman and minority-owned business specializing in authentic Mexican food delivery to homes and businesses throughout Metro Denver. In March of 2020 when the world shut down, we got creative and started offering this amazing services curating delivering the most authentic Mexican food directly to your doorstep. People loved the concept of a contactless delivery when they were quarantined and craving delicious Mexican food.
Our meals are delivered frozen making it so convenient to always be prepared with a delicious meal in your freezer.

What neighborhood do you live in? What neighborhood is your business in?

We live in Central Park (NE Denver)
But we deliver all over the metro area and beyond to Highlands Ranch, Brookfield, Golden, Etc.

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

We love Central Park because it offers an amazing and diverse community, top rated school and so many amenities with pools, parks and great shopping.

What are your favorite local places?

Living in Central Park with younger kids we spend a lot of time at The Stanley Marketplace, at the 29th Ave Town Center and we live to close to the Nature and Science Museum and the Zoo. We can’t say it enough, we love our location because it’s also easy to get in I-70 and go to the mountains 🏔

What do you love about Denver?

So much, including the welcoming people, its spectacular outdoors, top of the notch restaurants and so much opportunity to start and thrive with a new business.

Are you from CO?

Not originally, Liz is from Mexico, raised in California and has been living in Denver since 2007.

Erica is from Mexico and moved to Denver in 2010.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Of Your Neighborhood?

Laid back


The roots of our business are in Mexico and family is at the heart of our food.

Érica grew up working in the daycare center and kitchens of the Aguascalientes farm business her grandfather established in 1957. Her Denver-born husband brought her to Colorado, and she’s been importing frozen prepared food from Mexico to supply restaurants in the Denver Metro Area for a decade. Érica maintains deep ties to her family and country of birth, and all of the recipes and foods in the Green Roots line originate either in her family’s Aguascalientes farm or her Houston family’s meat business.

Liz was born in Guadalajara and spent much of her early life in the United States working in restaurants. She discovered her passion for the transformative power of hair design and makeup and founded Beauty on Location and L Style Bar, businesses that have earned many accolades in Denver and beyond. Unable to find the true Mexican flavors she had grown up with, Liz connected with Érica’s Mexican food import business. With Green Roots Meals, Liz has returned to the flavors of her childhood. “As a working parent, I understand the challenges of coming home to prepare a meal; Green Roots Meals offers a delicious alternative to take-out that is authentic to the homemade recipes I grew up with.”

With love from our family to yours,
Erica & Liz

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