Rachel Allen Dennis is one interesting Denverite! She spends her days styling hair & nights on the #9 world ranked roller derby team! She is full of energy & extremely talented at what she does. She is offering a coupon to the Denver Vibe followers. 10% off haircuts for new clients and 20% for new clients wanting cut and color. So take advantage of a great deal, up your style & have a lot of fun with Rachel while doing so!

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What neighborhood do you live in?

The neighborhood I live in is the up and coming Lower Highlands!


Why Lohi?

My roommate and I choose that that neighborhood because we were able to find a  spacious apartment in an older home with character that still in good shape! It’s far enough outside of downtown that we can always find parking but close enough to get to our fav bars/ restaurants on Colfax, Broadway or in Five Points easily.


What are your favorite local places?

My favorite local places in the Lower Highlands are Pinche Tacos, Williams & Graham, Little Man Ice Cream! My favorite places outside of the highlands to dance or grab drinks with friends include Charlie’s Nightclub, Tracks, or Goosetown Pub!!


What do you love about Denver?

What I love about Denver is the hodgepodge of awesome people!! Everyone comes from a different place and if you have been raised in Denver, you have the coolest open attitude usually! The weather is super great and the nightlife is super fun. I also love how artistic this city is and how there is a group meet up for any kind of hobby or sport you are into! I play Roller Derby with the Denver Roller Derby League and we are ranked 9th in the World! This sport makes me so happy and it challenges me on so many different levels.


Are you from CO originally?

I am not from CO, I was born in Salisbury MD but spent most of my life in Lancaster PA. I know what you are thinking…. Amish People! Lancaster is only about an hour from Philadelphia so contrary to belief we are not as behind in the times/trends as one would assume! I definitely would not live in such a small town again but it was a nice place to grow up in especially being close to so many awesome cities like NY, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and all of the beach towns!


How would you describe the vibe of Denver these days?

I would describe the vibe of Denver as a relaxed small/big town surrounded by beautiful mountains! There is a hustle here that is more relaxed than the East Coast but I feel like we get the best things from each Coast smushed into one awesome town! The vibe of the lower highlands is kinda baby boomer and safe at night but wildly growing into something vibrant!


How would you describe your personality?

My personality is definitely defined by the east coast, I walk fast, speak my mind no matter what and demand to be treated with respect. But that doesn’t mean I’m a jerk, I am the sweetest person with too big of a heart sometimes. I love my job and making people feel beautiful inside and out! I am a sassy lady who loves to crack jokes and make people smile 🙂


Tell us more about being a hair stylist in Denver.

I do not own Revolver Salon but I choose to work in this neighborhood because of how adorable it is! You can tell it is definitely up and coming, we are in walking distance from the Bluebird, Mezcal, and Atomic Cowboy! The neighborhood surrounding us is so beautiful and feels so safe, I couldn’t ask for a better location! Just in the last ten months I’ve been here, Colfax has welcomed more than a few new businesses near by!

This neighborhood jives with my business culture because it is so similar to the last Salon I worked at in Lancaster, PA. Lots of businesses close by, friendly regulars, and just a sense of community! Also great food to choose from within walking distance!


Why are you passionate about what you do? Tell us your story!

I am passionate about being a hairstylist because I love creating art and spending time with humans! Out of everything I do in life, I spend the most hours committed to the art of Hairstyling. I went to art school fresh out of highschool, not really knowing what I wanted to do in life and soon figured out it was not graphic design. I then spent a couple years bartending/ serving and realized I love entertaining and spending time with lots of different people from all walks of life. That’s when I realized I needed to be a hairstylist, with a mix of art and socializing it sounded like the perfect job for me. Alas, it was.


Describe the design & atmosphere of Revolver.

Again, I do not own Revolver Salon but the 60’s definitely inspired the vintage look of business! My boss Kitty Vincent loves The Beatles and named her salon after one of their albums! We have ton of music posters hanging in our salon as well as Beatles memorabilia! The Salon is decorated with mod furniture, beautiful unique wallpaper, and crisp white stylist chairs!



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