Nicole. Founder of Denver Vibe.

1. Where do I live?

I live in Five Points. Right on the point to be exact.

2. Why did I choose Five Points?

Last summer I moved in with my soon to be husband Paul (yay!). He has owned here for years and I have to say I love living here. I am a Denver native but this is my first time living in this neighborhood. Five Points is a neighborhood that is changing fast. The city of Denver is pumping money into the redevelopment of the area and every day as I walk our Frenchie Ollie around I meet new neighbors. There is something about a neighborhood that is developing….the people bond and have pride to be a resident there. Plus I just love the urban feel and diversity here.

 3. Where are my favorite places to go in Denver?

The Point coffee shop. It is right downstairs and I love the staff! I love True Food in Cherry Creek. I also love El Tepehuan (a local dive spot for great Mexican food.) Sushi Hai in the Highlands. Shopping… Decade on Broadway, Anthropologie, all the boutiques up and down South Pearl St. The list goes on.

4. What influences my style?

I recently read a blog post by Jennine Jacob, Founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers, where she stated “It’s not about how you look, its about how you see.” Her interpretation is that it’s what you see that pulls together the perfect outfit, or helps spot the latest trends. It’s not how other people see you.

This resonated with me as fashion for me is a way of creating the way I want to feel that day. Yes, I am inspired by trends and the world around me through fashion blogs, pinterest, glossy magazines…but it is taking those ideas and making them not only my own, look good on me but also to create that feeling I want that day. Its just one way I help create the day I want to have.

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