1. What neighborhood do you live in?

I don’t claim a neighborhood because I literally live where Globeville, Rino, the Highlands and downtown connect; it’s my own little neighborhood with easy access to everything.
2. Why did you choose that neighborhood?
When I gave notice for the job I had while living in Vail, my goal was to live and work in downtown Denver. I knew there was rent restricted/affordable housing in downtown so I called every lead I could find on the internet and finally found my building which wasn’t even completely built yet. I drove down to look at some units: they were super affordable. The unit I got though, it was the best with its views, especially from my balcony. I was immediately sold. My balcony view was an incredible one include views of downtown, the mountains, Coors Field, the Platte, Mile High,…the list goes on. To top it all off, my new job was less than a mile away from the apartment, and I could walk that mile in less time than I would driving  due to the traffic. Now, with my new business I Got This!, hopefully my HOA Consulting will be widely accepted in the downtown area, so I can walk and bike to clients and work from home or to nearby co-working space.
3. What are favorite local spots?
I am a social butterfly, so I love activities involving city life. Denver has my heart; this is what I’ve been looking for! I love to eat out, and I like to have a cocktail here and there, so my fave places are usually restaurants and bars. I enjoy Osteria Marco though I don’t get to go there often. I love I-Fish: the happy hour rocks. It’s super close to my home, the bartenders aren’t half bad, and the food… yummmmm. I frequent Tony P’s in Uptown because their specials are almost all day, everyday and one of our favorite bartenders is there. Best of all, they have an 80’s dance night on Saturdays upstairs where I can let my childish side roam free, dancing my heart out.  I love Matchbox in Rino, Lola in the Highlands, Marquis Pizza, the Rio’s tostadas and margs, and I cannot forget Roo Bar since it is in my parking lot and offers very delicious food consistently. Aside from food, I love movies in the park with my boyfriend Harry; we try to go to Infinity Park every Monday we can and have been looking forward to the ones in Skyline and Civic Center Park but the rain kept us away recently. Honestly, I love any place I am with Harry and my friends, but again, I love my balcony more than any place.  It truly is my haven, my escape from the hustle and bustle; in the summer months it is full of flowers and life, and there is no place better to have a glass of wine and relax.
4. P.S. We love your vibe! What inspired your style?
Color, flowers and liveliness! I went through my dark, skater chick, can’t fit into my clothes phase (more than once) and have since landed in my I LOVE COLOR phase. Harry once told me I dress brighter when it’s darker outside, maybe to be the brightness in people’s day? I love flowers in my hair and flowers on my accessories but I don’t go too gaudy with them. I love flowing dresses and any way to show off my tattoos and get sun on my shoulders. I am lively and happy and you can tell by my style I love to be the bright light in any room.
P.S. Heather, we LOVE having you as a part of our team.