For those who miss and crave the seafood of coastal cities, the Chowder Room on South Broadway brings to Denver the delicious tastes of traditional chowder, Alaskan crab and and Pacific oysters, to name just a few options on their enticing menu! If your mouth isn’t watering yet, it will be once you check out their website with pictures and descriptions of their popular fare. The owners, Matt and Carrie Stein, invite you to come enjoy their laid-back atmosphere and quality seafood.


The Chowder Room

560 S. Broadway

FB: chowderroomdenver

imageWhy did you choose this neighborhood to do business in?

We chose South Broadway to open our business because we love the area and neighborhood.  We were eager to be part of the growth happening on this part of South Broadway, and wanted to open a place where people could feel safe walking to.  This is truly a part of the city where you can leisurely enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail and feel connected to the community.

What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

The Baker/West Wash Park area is filled with people who are passionate about seafood and are ecstatic about having access to fresh fish in a landlocked city!

Why are you passionate about your business?

Matt, the head chef, has been passionate about fish, seafood and cooking since he was a little boy.  In his teens, he eagerly took jobs in restaurants and really developed a love for cooking during those experiences. After attending  Miami University to study Marine Biology, he realized his passion was in the culinary arts and enrolled in a renowned culinary school.

When we got married, we moved to Los Angeles I stayed home and raised our children and taught for 15 years while Matt helped the growth of  a Seafood Restaurant Company for 23 years in Southern California. After years of visiting Colorado intermittently, and when our middle child attended DU we made the leap for a permanent move here. It seemed fitting that our love of Colorado, seafood and community melded together perfectly to create the Chowder Room.

What inspired the look of your business/ the design?

The design of our business was inspired by many different seafood places we frequented throughout the years. We did most of the nitty gritty work of getting the restaurant ready ourselves, and we really strived to infuse the space with artifacts that have meaningful stories of their own.




Questions about Wash Park? Reach out to Sara as she knows all the neighborhood happenings!