Meet Brittany, Lindsay & Patsy! Brittany & Lindsay are the owners of Patterns & Pops and Patsy is their hot pink mobile boutique. You may have seen them around town – if not then follow them on IG or Facebook to find out Patsy’s schedule for the upcoming week. They are guaranteed to bring you fashionable clothes at a reasonable price, some fun & “pop” to your wardrobe and gifts that will add color and excitement to your everyday wardrobe! These ladies & Patsy are sure to brighten your day, your clothes and your social feeds with their fun and bold personalities! We are excited to talk with them today about the passion behind their business and how it all got started.

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Patterns & Pops





The beauty of being a mobile boutique is that we get to visit all of the wonderful neighborhoods of Denver, we’re not locked into one specific location.  For every day stops, with Patsy our fashion truck, our favorite is Union Station and the general LoDo area.  The foot traffic is amazing, specifically from tourists!  Most of the people who come on our fashion truck when we are parked downtown don’t live locally.  They are on vacation, love to shop and the idea of a mobile boutique is more often than not a brand new concept that most people haven’t seen so- they can’t help but come in and check it out!  Patterns & Pops makes the perfect non-cheesy souvenir.

For private parties we love going into the surrounding neighborhoods of Denver, especially Stapleton and the Platte ParkWash Park area as the sense of community really brings people together. On these blocks, everyone knows their neighbors and likes to get together after work for a ladies night and glass of wine.  Add in the Patterns and Pops fashion truck and you’ve got the perfect night!  Well, we think so anyway… we may be a little biased!

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

Our little boutique started as a crazy idea between friends, sitting on a coffee shop patio. We thought, we love to shop, and think we’re pretty great at it. Now here we are, shopping for other women and helping with their everyday wardrobes.  But in all seriousness, we did love to shop and post about our outfits on social media, so that was a huge inspiration for the business.  When other companies and brands started contacting us, asking us to promote their clothing, we decided if that we could advertise for them, we should advertise something that was all our own.  

In a world of more fashion blogs, magazines and websites then ever before, the clothing game has really stepped up, and we are here to help everyone stay on trend. The right pattern or bright hue can really be the cherry on top of some of the basics you already own – and Patterns and Pops promises to make your wardrobe sweeter than it’s ever been with absolutely all pieces under $100. It’s time to treat yourself ladies, dessert has never had fewer calories than with Patterns & Pops!

What inspired the look of your business/ the design?

We wanted a name that was visually easy to brand and that people would remember. Our initial concept was Patterns & Popsicles – our clothing is primarily statement pieces, or as we call them ‘sweet treats for your closet.’  We ended up choosing Patterns & Pops, shortened, because it better fits our style – fun patterns and bright hues of color. It was only fitting that our fashion truck would then have the aesthetic of a vibrant 1950s era Ice Cream shop. We take sweets pretty seriously around our office.


Kelley VandeMotter / Baker expert

Kelley VandeMotter / Baker expert


Kelley VandeMotter knows urban Denver as a Realtor with Live Urban Real Estate. Give her a call with any of your neighborhood questions!