Alejandro Gaeta  

Fashion |Fierce in the City

Tell us about you and your business! (Ex. How long you’ve been in business, What brought you to your craft, How people can find your business)

The earliest recollection of putting my creativity to work on my own, I’d say was around the age of 14. Growing up in a household as an only child gave me so many perks of how I viewed things, especially when my grandmother could come home from work (who worked as a professional seamstress for over 30 years) and would teach me to help her make alterations or small sewing adjustments she had lined up for her. I began helping her at the age of six. From then on I grew interest in creating and expanding my talent. It wasn’t until I moved away from home that I really found my ability to create. 

 Do you have any events coming up you’d like to promote? 

I will be participating in the upcoming “Fierce in the City” annual show with Salwa Owens. The show will be partnering alongside WomenGive, a local nonprofit that offers support and childcare scholarships for single mothers who are pursuing further education. The event will take place on December twelfth twenty twenty one, at the Infinity Park Ballroom in Glendale Co. For tickets and information you can head over to my Instagram where I’ll be posting a link! 

What neighborhood do you live in? What neighborhood is your business in?

I currently reside in Glendale Co, all my work comes from my own home. My very cute yet small apartment allows me to create comfortably and freely, nothing is better than playing a good 90’s playlist while bringing visions to life for the world to see. It’s quite rewarding! What I love about Denver in particular is the freedom to express art. Wether it’s street art, handmade crafts or in my case designing.. the acceptance and support this city brings is just so inspiring. I believe the amazing supporters I met here pushed my insecurity to believe in myself and become the artist I am today. There’s always excitement and love for people who succeed here which is a beautiful thing to be a part of. I’m excited for what denver has in store in the next 10 years. There is so much potential for high fashion here and it’s only a matter of time before it blossoms and gets recognized for the amazing platform in art and fashion. 

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

I’d have to say I have a few places which I look forward to visiting every time, restaurants. Hang out spots and places where my creativity flows with no limits. 

What are your favorite local places?

To start off ReCreative Denver, a non-profit organization reuse store and community art center. And Meininger Fine Art supply store, love that place! 

What do you love about Denver?

When it comes to food I do have some more soul searching but I love trying new and various types of dishes. My Neighbor Felix, Sol Mexican Cocina, Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar and TrueFoods are my top favorites at the moment. As you can tell, I do love me some Mexican delicacies! 

Are you from CO?

I’m originally from Mexico, but migrated here at a very young age. I grew up in a very small town outside El Paso Tx, my grandmother who taught me how to sew also raised me as her own. Later in life I’d move away from home to live in El Paso Tx, and shortly after making my way to the Mile High City. Best decision I’ve ever made! 

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Of Your Neighborhood?

I believe the vibe of Denver is very free spirited. When I first moved here I was so taken back by the amount of freedom and openness denver had to give. I felt like I could truly be myself and express my talent without worrying about being judged or denied. That’s what captivated me to the city the most, the way people accepted you no matter how weird, different, or unique you were. Denver’s vibe is only getting better in my opinion. 10/10 would highly recommend

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