What neighborhood do you live in?

Bow Mar Heights. I am right in the center, where several different neighborhoods meet.

Why did you choose this neighborhood?

My grandmother passed away, and I took over her home. There are a lot of older people in the area, so there are a lot of people in my situation as well.

What are some of your favorite local spots?

I love the Botanic Gardens, Larimer Square and  Sullivan’s Steakhouse. I like to go to the mountains to snowboard or hike, too. I live west of the city, and I have easy access to the mountains from my location.

P.S. We love your vibe. What inspires your style?

I was a pro-snowboarder for all of about 2 weeks when I was younger. I hurt my knee and broke my back and that was that: career over. Still, snowboarding remains a part of me and my style. Finances impact my style, too. I am part of a production crew, a stuntman, an actor, a realtor and a glass blower. All of this makes up my style meshed together.