What neighborhood do you live in?
 Right now I’m winding up a year & a half long motorhome adventure around the United States and am planting roots in California, but I called Denver home for quite a few years. My first place was on 19th and Curtis, and I fell in love with living downtown. I had an awesome view of the skyscrapers from my bathroom, so I used to love taking baths at night with all the lights out, just gazing out on the city. The first condo I ever owned was on 13th and Pearl in Capitol Hill, and I have really fond memories of that too. I loved being able to walk to practically anything: coffee shops, bars, work, and the light rail. I had a friend who lived in the Highlands at the time, and we could each step out our doors and just walk toward downtown to meet in the middle 15 or 20 minutes later. We often ended up at McCormick’s for $3 hamburger happy hour. For shorter periods of time I also lived in the Highlands and Lincoln Park / Santa Fe Arts District.
Why did you choose those neighborhoods?
 I loved being central. My home in Capitol Hill always seemed to be the meeting place before a night out or the spot everyone wandered back to at the end of the night. Being able to walk everywhere or jump on the light rail to visit my mom in Littleton was super convenient. In Lincoln Park, I loved walking around and looking at the architecture of some of the oldest houses in the city and thinking about the potential in even the houses that were starting to crumble a bit. If I were to make Denver home again, Lincoln Park would probably be the neighborhood I’d choose since it’s close to everything with an old neighborhood vibe. Either that or a loft downtown… hmmmm!
What are your favorite local spots?
 Denver has changed SO much over the past 5 or so years, I’m sure I have plenty of favorite spots I don’t even know exist! I left Denver in 2006 to move to San Francisco, and in 2010 my husband and I embarked upon a travel adventure. We started back in Denver for a few months, renting a vacation rental in Lincoln Park, and then spent the winter in Central America–Mexico, Belize, Panama. When we came back to Denver, we lived in the Highlands and then finally sold all our belongings and bought a motorhome to vagabond our way around the country. Years ago, we made a conscious decision to create location freedom in our lives, and so every career decision we’ve made since then has been based on whether it will support the lifestyle we want. Now we run our businesses remotely — my husband is a remote editor for a big stock video company, and I run a digital magazine for women entrepreneurs who are inventing their own career paths, called Business Heroine. We make a point to spend a month in Denver during the holidays and also in the summer.
So, my favorite spots when I’m in town? Anywhere I can enjoy some of my favorite local musicians, Jahi Simbai of Reverb and The Verse, and Dameion Hines (Future Jazz Project at Dazzle or HerbsBigwheel ElectroSoul at AppaloosaDjcheckone wherever he may be). I also love finding amazing happy hours with delish food… too many to list, and many more to discover next time I’m in town.
What do you love about Denver?
 I love that Denver is small enough to hop across town in 15 minutes yet is also big enough to enjoy your anonymity too. Each neighborhood has its own flavor, and I enjoy changing up my hang out spots so I can tap into the different local vibes. I also love the parks around the city and the amazing food scene that is emerging.
P.S. We love your vibe. What inspires your style?
 A good friend of mine once told me, “You’re business on the outside, hippy on the inside.” I think that pretty well sums it up. You’ll likely find me in a comfy tank top and skirt, barefoot on a picnic blanket looking for shapes in the clouds (Summers in Denver are the best, yes?). And, I’m also having fun these days sassin’ up my style as a way to stretch my comfort zone and tap into different aspects of myself that I used to ignore. I’m a fan of experimenting with lipstick colors and seeing how each makes me feel.