1) What neighborhood do you live in and why? 

I live right in between City Park and Congress Park: 3 blocks from City Park and 1 mile from Congress Park! Living on Steele & 14th in Chamberlin Heights, I have the best of all worlds. I can walk to all the charm on 12th street, great bars, restaurants, yoga and pilates. Or, I can walk 1 block to Colfax and have all my urban favorites at my finger tip. I moved to Denver on a whim. Initially, I lived with friends in the Highlands. Though I loved it, my friends never left their area in the Highlands, while I loved to get out of the ‘hood. Then I moved to Baker for a summer. Broadway had so much to offer, but it wasn’t quite my vibe. They say 3rd time’s the charm and when I found my current place, I knew I had found home. I always create reasons to explore other neighborhoods in Denver, but I always get to come back to my street. Plus, a lot of my friends would not know my neighborhood unless they had me to visit!

 2) What are your favorite local spots?

I am totally “hooked” to Hooked on Colfax, a vibrant coffee shop across the street from me. And, my favorite happy hour spot for yummy foodie treats and wine is R Bar, the bar part of Stella. A close runner up is for the awesome staff and great tequila selection. Any late night I know I am set with a slice of ridiculously good pizza from Fat Sully’s. Plus, now that we have a Sprouts and Trader Joe’s nearby (the one location with the wine), when it comes to food and drink, I hardly need to drive. I love to DO things. Movies (SIE Film Center is right down the street). Farmers Markets (Every Sunday during the summer!). The Bluebird and Park House Eatery for live music (right across the street) and most importantly, access to running outside though not on a street: in the park. I LOVE living near 2 parks. I think it is the best perk.

P.S. We love your vibe. What inspires your style?

I am not influenced by much but rather guided by what I love and what makes me happy! But I will say, friendly people and trusting in my decisions are 2 big influences for me.