What neighborhood do you live in?

I live in Wheat Ridge where I was born and raised.

Why did you choose that neighborhood?

My cousin and I live in the house our fathers grew up in which was built in the 50s and purchased by our grandparents.  It is our family home.

What are some of your favorite local spots?

The House of Commons first and foremost. I started coming here several years ago and after two years as a customer I decided to get a job here. Seven years later, I still love it and can come here any time I need to get away to enjoy a scone and cup of tea.  It is a perfect place for me to write. Since I love sports, I am a huge fan of the Pepsi Center and Coors Field. The day I become an aunt, I cannot wait to indoctrinate my niece or nephew at Coors Field! I love D Bar Desserts and anywhere which focuses on desserts. I think the Dairy Queen on 38th and Pierce is the happiest place on earth. I really love the cookie basket at McCormick’s, too- it is the best dessert in Denver. Aside from the desserts I love sitting on the Starbucks’s patio at REI overlooking the river. I also love the Tattered Cover on 16th There is a specific bench by the travel section where I can get lost in reading and look up 3 hours later and realize no one cares. Also, Pinche Tacos at 32nd and Tejon has awesome tacos: be sure to try different ones and then get a churro and hot chocolate. Delicious!

 P.S. We love your vibe. What inspires your style?

I need to have pieces I can mix and match so I can throw on jeans after work and change out of my skirts when I am on the go. I tend to gravitate toward simple and jewel toned colors because they highlight my pale skin and red hair, but I also like dark colors. I also enjoy being funky or fancy and love to get “dressed” up by adding sparkly earrings to any outfit. All ladies should have a pair of sparkly earrings; they just make you look dressed up in jeans and a cardigan.