Kelsey Robb has lived in Wheat Ridge most of her life and truly calls it home. Kelsey shares the story of how she has watched the city change, and how she is committed to seeing it continue to develop in a direction that brings the community together.

What Neighborhood do you live in? 

“East” Wheat Ridge

Why did you choose the neighborhood you live in? 

I grew up in the neighborhood and the roots run deep.  From a very young age I learned the value of strong neighborhoods and a caring community. When it came time to buy, I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would rather be!  The same people who looked out for me when I was a young girl learning to ride my bike still wave and say hello when I go for my evening walk. The proximity to great local businesses as well as quick access to Crown Hill and Clear Creek Trail are also a huge plus.

What activities in or around Wheat Ridge do you participate in regularly?  

Biking on the Greenbelt, walking around Crown Hill, making new friends at local establishments while enjoying good beer and good food. I love to host parties for my friends because my yard has enough space to play games, have a BBQ, still have room for people to hang out and no one has to battle for parking.

What local businesses are your favorites? 

You can find me eating a slice of delicious pizza with my neighbor at Right Coast Pizza, or enjoying a good beer at Colorado Plus on the patio with a book in hand, or snacks and drinks with my friends at Clancy’s. On a good Saturday, I can do all three plus take a lap at Crown Hill without getting in the car.

What do you love about Denver? Wheat Ridge?

I love the proximity to the mountains and downtown. When I worked downtown, my commute was 20 minutes yet I could hop on the highway and be in the mountains in no time at all. On any given day in Wheat Ridge, I can meet someone who has lived here since before the city was incorporated, or brand new family who has moved in up the street, and everyone in between. The beauty of this town is the character it holds. Many of my neighbors have chickens, goats, and vegetable gardens. It’s common for one neighbor to deliver fresh eggs because they have extra, and another to help me cut down a broken tree limb. The people here care about one another.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Wheat Ridge?

Wheat Ridge is a great mix of friendly, neighborly, caring people.  It’s rare for me to go for a run or bike through the neighborhood without people waving hello or stopping to chat. This is a passionate town with many people actively engaged in the community around them whether it be supporting local businesses, speaking at city council, or picking up trash on a walk.

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