1. What neighborhood do you live in?

I used to live right around the corner in what I think is considered the West Side, but I moved two weeks ago to Englewood. I am very happy to be in a new place. I was in Baker before I lived on the West Side.

2. What brought you to Santa Fe Tavern and Grill today?

I work at the Santa Fe Tavern and Grill. I’ve been here just over 2 years, but the restaurant/bar has been here just over 4. It is a very historic building over 150 years old. It used to be a cop hangout back in the day complete with a gun safe, and people used to sleep upstairs and on the patio. The old jail used to be across the street, and we still get wanderers coming out of detox a lot.

 3. Where are your favorite local spots?

Mile High Disc Golf Club is an active part of my life and most of my current friends are members there; this is my second year and I love it. I love the Broadway area from 1st to Alameda and places like Sputnik. Also Skylark Lounge–it’s dark, quiet and has really nice people there. Renegade Brewing Company will redefine what Colorado thinks about beer. Of course I like the Santa Fe Tavern and Grill; you never know what will come through the door.