Colorado Luxe Picnics

Meet the Owners | Rachel + Bryce

Hi Rachel!

How did you come to own ‘Colorado Luxe Picnics‘ and what makes your business stand out?

Hi! I’m Rachel, and my husband, Bryce and I own and run Colorado Luxe Picnics, our unique luxury picnic business based in Denver, Colorado. I moved to Denver 7 years ago, and have been working as both a recruiter and local artist since. I have a few murals around town and have always had a serious desire to be an entrepreneur. I stumbled upon Colorado Luxe Picnics and bought the business from the previous owner in February 2023 (our wedding year, which was a crazy, but really fulfilling decision!)

What is typically included in your Picnic Services, and what are some Add Ons? 

We include water, sparkling water and charcuterie in all our picnics complimentary. Common add ons include arch backdrops, our bar cart, brunch boards, you name it! We have some exciting new add ons now too including our Build Your Own Bouquet Bar and live tablescape painting! Our picnics are $289 for two people for two hours.

What are some of your favorite themed Picnic Parties you have curated? 

We recently did a Dior Garden Party theme that was pretty unbeatable! All our picnics are custom to our clients. We ask about color schemes, theme ideas and create custom vision boards for each client so they can envision the day. We do not have set themes specifically. so each picnic is unique to the clients wants.

What are the various Events that clients can book Colorado Luxe Picnics for?

We do anything from date nights for two, to bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, just for fun dinner parties and tablescapes, and the most fun of all, proposals! We are full service proposal planners and won’t skip a detail to make sure you pull off the most amazing surprise.

Are you from Colorado? Which neighborhood did you choose for your business?

I am originally from Florida but have been in Denver for 7 whole years now! When I first moved here, I lived in Baker Historic, then City Park, and now call Athmar Park home.

What challenges have you faced along your journey? 

There are so many challenges you face when owning a small business, especially when it comes to events and making them perfect, but I would say out of all of them, weather.

We work hard to watch the weather closely for events, and move them if we see rain is set for the day, but wind, rain, and again, wind can really make an impact on our setups! Luckily, we’ve had very understanding clients on the very few occasions we have run into bad weather at picnic time, and some who have truly embraced a rainy picnic that lead to beautiful rainbows over them in the end!

How would you describe the personality or “Vibe” of Denver?

Cool, unique and open. I love that this city offers so much to do, and new experiences all the time. It’s truly such a great place to live and experience new things.

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