Not only is James Martin, founder of The Color People, a thirty-year veteran of our beloved South City Park neighborhood, but he is also the pioneer of architectural color consultation. When it comes to making your residential/commercial property shine, James is the color magician & curb appeal specialist you are looking for! If you are looking to give your building some ‘oomph’ or just hang out with a really cool guy in the SCP, James is your man. He speaks with Denver Vibe about what makes South City Park the place to be for his business.


What neighborhood do you live in?

South City Park

Why did you choose that neighborhood?

Really, it was the park. I am pretty country at heart and couldn’t have lived this long in the city without it. It’s really a breath of fresh air to get inside the park and away from the busy streets.

What are your favorite local places?

I love To The Wind, Mezcal, and Gyros! All are within walking distance, a huge asset in my book.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Your neighborhood?

Denver has always been young and energetic. My neighborhood is like a traditional neighborhood from the Fifties but juicy and transformed into the inner city while retaining the needed history for charm.

How would you describe your personality?

I try to be forward thinking and juicy myself. I have no use for nostalgia and the good old days!

What do you do for a living?

I am an architectural color consultant. I help people use color and light in a way that promotes their architectural needs, whether that is a home or their own businesses. Depending on what your brand need is, The Color People will help you make a statement that commands attention.

How does your personality jive with your business (business culture)?

We are not too much like a business except for our performance in meeting clients’ needs. Otherwise, it’s a very creative role.

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

No one should live without color in their lives. The Color People Pledge is:  “ I will never live with white again!”

What inspired the look of your business design?

We tried to capture the liveliness and fun of color to show people how it can be used to inspire.

taylorInterview by Taylor Arns. Our Denver Vibe partner & City Park expert. Reach out to Taylor with any questions about City Park living!