“It goes without saying that everyone in the world could stand to be a little more organized” (Julie’s words and I totally agree).  A natural organizer and de-clutter genius it was a no brainer for Simplify Me owner, Julie Gutman, to swap her program management career for a business of her own. Simplify Me prides itself on customer satisfaction—just like rearranging a shelf, it’s all about the perfect fit. During the initial assessment Julie makes sure that her clients and Simplify Me are in sync to accomplish their mutually aligned goals. Why not start the New Year off right and simplify your life with organized living and work spaces? And when you do call, be sure to wish Simplify Me a happy 5th birthday!

Julie & Simplify Me are offering the Denver Vibe community $30 off your first organizing session. Thank you Julie! 

Website: simplifymenow.com

FB: facebook.com/SimplifyMeNow

Why did you choose this neighborhood to do business in?

I live in the City Park neighborhood and love this area!

What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

Living in this area often means living in a small space. Having an organized space is a way to help make the most of the space you have.

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

I think physical space and mental space are interconnected. I have a plaque in my home that reads “Simplify”, and each time life gets stressful I looks at that and remember that if my surroundings are organized I can focus on the important things in my life. I realized, at an early age that the way to de-stress is to de-clutter. This led me to think that if organizing helps relieve stress in my own life, that it can do the same for others…and Simplify Me was born!

What inspired the look of your business/ the design?

I’m not sure this one applies to my business, other than to say that I wanted my website to be simple to maneuver and utilize.
Taylor Arns, our City park neighborhood expert with Live Urban Real Estate.