Breigh Jones-Coplin

Owner of Black and Blossomed


Tell us a bit about your back story leading to where you are now?

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. If you know anything about Memphis, then you probably know that the city breeds a certain type of person—  fearless, relentless, passionate. I was raised by a single, Black, independent mom who literally did everything in her power to make sure I was successful— still does. I’ve been an athlete my entire life and eventually went to college on a full scholarship  to compete as a Division I track and field athlete (although I secretly wanted to go to fashion design school). There, I discovered Sport Psychology and ended up moving to Denver to pursue a Master’s Degree in it. Since then, I continued to get my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and am in my residency year (almost there). In the midst of all of this, I met my beautiful husband and got married in 2019. It was then that I fell in love with flowers and floral design after creating the bouquets for my own wedding. My husband saw that passion in me and decided to pour into me by buying me a floral certification course for my birthday the following year and the rest is history. From there, Black + Blossomed was born. It was during the pandemic and really served as a self-care activity for me— creating art, sharing that with others.. it was super therapeutic. I had NO IDEA of how much it would grow in such a short amount of time. 

Photos by Vows on the Run

What inspires your floral designs? What are some of your favorites you have done?

I’m really just inspired by life and all that encompasses. I am a feeler and have always been really attuned to the world around me and attuned to myself. So often, my floral designs are influenced by how I’m feeling, what my experiences have been that week. I’m a mental health therapist in my day job so I’m often faced with a variety of human experiences so I use flowers as a way to externalize some of the pain, joy, happiness, excitement, grief, loss, etc. that I’ve had to hold with my clients. It’s actually a really beautiful process. This translates into some of my favorite designs which include some of the shoots I’ve done. The flowers  communicate something in each of these photos. It’s so powerful. 

Where is your business located? How can people purchase your flowers? 

My business is currently in Denver Colorado but I am also starting to ship across the country!  So in Denver, you can purchase flowers by finding us at a pop-up in the city or you can go to the website to get flowers shipped directly to your door!

Do you have any events or promotions coming up you’d like people to know about? (Valentine’s Day?)

We have some cool things happening for Valentine’s Day. While preorders have closed, we will have flowers at Forage Plant Shop starting Saturday 2/12 until supplies last. We also have 2 fun pop-ups that weekend where people can come and buy some pre-arranged floral goodies:

❤️2/12 (11am-2pm)

Clayton Members Club & Hotel


❤️2/12: (1pm-6pm)

Wah Gawain Brewing Company


Photo By Vows on the Run

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

School brought me to Colorado; but I started a business there because I noticed a lack of Black-owned businesses in Denver— especially Black florists.  I felt like Denver would be a great place to ignite the movement that B+B stands for and create a community where people engage with Black art.

What do you love about Denver?

Denver is gorgeous. It’s definitely the outline of the mountains for me. But it’s also welcoming and accepting and creative. There’s art everywhere and I feel like I’m inspired each place that I go.

What are your favorite Local Black Owned businesses or places?

Whew, I have so so many. 














How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? 

Denver is vibrant and artsy af.

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