Kat Haggerty is the owner of Kats-Eye Boutique. Kats-Eye Boutique is about clothing women in the latest fashion & accessories. Her shop is located at 4415 W. 43rd Ave in the Berkeley neighborhood. Kat is offering Denver Vibe readers two free B.Buttons soaps with purchase of $10.00. This offer expires in sixty days so make sure to visit soon!


Why did you choose Berkeley to do business in?

I’ve lived in the hood for almost twenty years. I’ve witnessed this neighborhood percolating for over four years now which prompted me to weave my fashion specialty into the warps and wefts of this beautiful north Denver.


What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

My business background has been as a nationwide women’s clothing designer and manufacturer. After two decades of this industry I wanted to reinvent myself…..much like north Denver has been reinventing itself.


Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

Women have a need to look relevant in today’s fashions. I assist them to translate fad into cool, funky, classy and comfortable.


What inspired the look & design of your business?

I want my interiors to have a feminine and masculine balance. Cottons, leather, glass, metal, lace, non-matching mirrors and tchotchkes….it will never look too polished. I have never been one for pretense….as we all have these wonderful flaws…it’s what makes our individuality, our charm. I will always enjoy getting to know yours!


kellykKelly is your Berkeley girl and a Realtor with Live Urban Real Estate. Reach out to her with any of your neighborhood questions!