Berkeley Supply is owned and operated by Eli Cox. Eli tells his story better than anyone so he kindly shared his video with Denver Vibe about the inspiration behind his business. We admire how everything about his store is carefully curated and reflects the influence of the people closest to him as well as his  high quality taste in design and clothes.

Eli has been kind enough to offer 10% off to Denver Vibe readers!


Berkeley Supply

4309 Tennyson St.



Why did you choose Berkeley to do business in?  

When I first opened my business in 2012 I had been spending quite a bit of time at Pearl Velo ever since Tyler opened its doors. I immediately fell in love with the area, so when I decided to open my shop, I could not envision a better spot.

What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

I think my shop works really well up here because it has a very mellow vibe to it, much like the neighborhood. I don’t think stuffy pretentious businesses would work well up here.

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

When I opened I wanted to own and operate a business that stood for something, an establishment people could get behind with a true purpose. I think we have accomplished just that with the full ‘Made in the USA’ theme the shop has. People like to know that their money is going to American made goods and supporting a more local economy, especially when it is something as important as clothing that people wear every day and spend a lot of money on. I feel that my clothing exudes the quality of American made clothing that people have come to associate with a natural, earthy and rugged appeal.

What inspired the look of your business / the design?

I wanted my shop to have a relaxed feel to it. I wanted it to be a place people could hang out at and spend as much time as they wanted just checking everything out. If it is too fancy or too cold, people don’t want to stick around. Making it feel like home is the best way I could think of to draw people in.





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