Becca Reitz | Art Director | Illustrator


Where are you based out of? 

I’m based in Denver, CO! I’m originally from the Chicago area, and moved out to Vail after school to work at a design agency there, 970 Design. I moved to Denver in 2017 and happily reside in Park Hill with my partner and kitty. I share a studio with a few creatives in the Dry Ice Factory in RiNo, my home away from home.

Tell us about your work with Spirit Daughter?

I started working for Spirit Daughter in early 2017. The owner, Jill Wintersteen, reached out to me asking if she could place some of my illustrations inside the monthly moon workbooks she was starting to create. From there — I continued to contract out with them for the next few years — creating illustrations for the interior of the workbooks, as well as the designs for the covers. At that time I was working at a design agency in Vail, Co and freelancing on the side. When I moved to Denver in late 2017, I started to work more heavily with Spirit Daughter and in the throes of 2020 decided to go full time as their creative director and lead designer. I’ve been working happily alongside them for years now, and together we’ve created 24 workbooks per year since we started, a recent 52-card Manifestation Deck, a Daily Gratitude Journal, and so much more. It’s a dream being an illustrator, designer, and creative director and watching my work come to life alongside a powerful team of females.

Do you have any events/life moments or projects coming up you’d like people to know about? 

I feel like last year was a big push for my work life. I worked on the Manifestation Card Deck mentioned above with Spirit Daughter — 52 cards, packaging, and an informative booklet. We also created the Daily, a gratitude journal filled with pages for each day, illustrations, quotes, and more. This alongside working with ReRoot, a local plant shop in town, we finished up a mural for the exterior of her shop — and continued to bring the rebrand we worked together to life. We started a plant identification series, created informative plant kits/subscription boxes, and are currently working on an astrology series that combines the magic of plants with astrology — two of my favorite things.

Can you tell us about your work with Babe Walls?

Recently, I worked on a project at the Acoma House with a lot of the Babe Walls crew members — each artist was given their own room in what is now a boutique hotel so guests have an immersive experience. I worked on a few of the walls inside there and cannot wait to share more of that project as well!

This year I’m focusing on slowing down a bit to give the next project that comes to life a bit more of an incubation phase. I’m so proud of all the work done last year and want to take the opportunity to bask in it and allow myself a pause.

Why did you choose to call your neighborhood home?

I absolutely adore where I live. The community I’ve experienced here and in Denver, in general, is unmatched. The friends I’ve made, the creatives that surround me at my studio, and the literal neighbors I have in Park Hill exude a warmth I can’t describe. I’ve realized over the years that the people who surround you, and the support system you have, make any place home. Even though I bop to LA a good amount (gotta love that weather/west-coast vibe), and love going home to Chicago (amazing food, fabulous music), I’ve found a community of people here that makes it hard to call any place else home.

What are your favorite Denver places?

There are just so many places I love in Denver! ReRoot gardens, the plant shop in RiNo, is so so close to my heart. It’s always a treat to walk in and see the branding I did/packaging/products we’ve created — but also because I just love plantitas and ReRoot does a fabulous job of informing you on how to take care of them. I worked on Nurture’s branding / mural / interior space with my boyfriend, Adam Vicarel, so it’s always fun to go there, get a healthy bite at the cafe, and see friends. The River Yoga is my go-to spot for yoga — I adore the teachers and their studios, and I have found it’s my personal favorite place to practice.

Other favorites are: La Lovely Vintage for cute vintage clothes/fun jewelry/candles, Onefold for my favorite breakfast (drooling just thinking about it), The Tattered Cover for all my books, Marczyk’s and Spinellis for local groceries & my favorite wines (it’s a splurge moment, but I love supporting local when it comes to buying food), Ratio for a good beer, and there are too many places to count when it comes to food!

What do you love about Denver?

For me, Denver is a place that people are creating now. While I love the big cities I travel to and am from, there’s something special about watching a city grow. I’m sure it’s hard for locals to watch (ha!), but I do really feel respect for people who have been here their whole life and are the foundation of a booming city. It feels tight-knit. You kind of have to be a good person here—otherwise, people are gonna know—bullying ain’t something Denver peeps tolerate, ha! It feels like everyone is warm & friendly, and many of them are ambitious as heck but not competitive or too secretive. I think COVID especially turned us all inward towards our communities, and while no one and no city is perfect, I think there are a lot of people aware of the harm growth can do and the good growth can do, as long as the entire community is being considered. I hope we continue to take that into account. It’s a special thing to be a part of.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? 

This is a toughie! I think there are so many pockets and vibes in Denver. But I would say the city has an upbeat feel to it — there’s a great music scene, plenty of people who are trying to get outdoors, fun murals to peek at, great boutiques bars, and hotels… But overall, it has a neighborly feel to it — the classic small city vibes. There’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re super into rock climbing and a weekend warrior — love music, all the fabulous DJ’s and open mic nights — are into full moon circles, yoga, meditation — or a combination of all of it — there’s something for you here.

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