On the cusp of both the Wash Park and Baker neighborhoods is a great spot for not only craft cocktails but tea, a refreshing take on the typical local watering hole! Platform T shares with Denver Vibe how they got their start and why they chose the vibrant and eclectic neighborhood of Baker to start serving their drinks. Check out their blog at www.platformt.com/blog.html for their updates and thoughts and also enjoy a free upgrade from a Cup to Pot Service with mention of Denver Vibe!

Why did you choose this neighborhood to do business in?

We are at the intersection of two of Denver’s most vibrant neighborhoods: Wash Park and Baker. The neighbors are knowledgeable and welcoming. The vibe is tremendous. The scene is vibrant. What’s not to love?!

What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

Just as we are passionate about what we do, we appreciate a neighborhood that is full of energy and knows what it wants. Our tea lounge concept is on the edge, unconventional, unassuming, but unapologetic. We hope our neighbors understand us and embrace us. To date, that’s exactly what they have done and we are appreciative!

Why are you passionate about your business? What’s the story?

We were two guys who were looking for a place to hang out after dinner. Our “Aha!” moment started with dinner with a group of friends years ago. We had a great dinner at Hodsons in Cherry Creek, and probably overstayed our welcome at our table. So we had to leave but we weren’t quite ready to call it a night. We ended up in a diner type place for desserts and coffee; quite an uninspiring finish to an otherwise great gathering. In our frustration, we fantasized about a cool place that served caffeine-free tea and drinks and stayed open late for the après-dinner crowd. Little did we realize that it would spark a terrific journey into the world of teas and infusions. As in many things that take on a life of its own, the timing seemed right. Tea drinking in America had been on the rise, and I myself  grew up drinking tea in Hong Kong. It turns out that my father briefly sold tea in his younger days. To my surprise, my teenage daughters told me, “Where have you been…we’ve been drinking tea for years!” Two years later, we are opening our first of hopefully many tea lounges bearing the name Platform T.

What inspired the look of your business?

We wanted the space to encourage people to connect with people…over a cup of tea or coffee, of course! Designing interiors is a tricky thing. To resolve this we remembered the great American architect Louis Sullivan who coined the phrase “Form follows function.” We thought deeply about what we wanted the space to accomplish. We brew most everything directly from botanicals, to order. It is a pure, simple and transparent process, and we want the space to reflect that. We want our design to bring the brewing process close to the customer. It also needs to reflect civility and hospitality, the soul of what tea service is all about. Finally, we want Platform T to be a modern American experience.

Kelley VandeMotter / Baker expert

Kelley VandeMotter / Baker expert

Kelley VandeMotter knows Baker and is a Realtor with Live Urban Real Estate. Reach out to her with all your neighborhood questions!