In our humble opinion when a business focuses on quality they will be far more successful. GOZO is all about excellence. Excellent food, wines, design & company. Every time we have dined there the place is packed! It can be lunch or dinner – there is always a dynamic crowd – enjoying themselves, the atmosphere & the delicious food.


Frank Jolley IV


30 S. Broadway

Denver, CO 80209




Why did you choose Baker to do business in?

We chose this neighborhood of Baker/South Broadway as we really enjoy the vibe here. With an eclectic mix of restaurants and great, local retail, we felt is was a wonderful fit with our overall concept and perhaps one of the most independent-minded neighborhoods in Denver.


What about this neighborhood jives with your business culture?

The neighborhood offers a great mix of offerings and price-points – and we feel our restaurant complements that feature. Our mission has always been to be the “best neighborhood restaurant in Denver”, and our personality, menu and service style rest comfortably within those parameters in this neighborhood. We feel our neighbors – both restaurant and retail – are on the “same page” with regard to uniqueness and independent-mindedness…


Can you share with us your story or passion behind GOZO?

Both myself, and my business partner Dominic Valenti have grown-up in restaurants. It’s a dynamic atmosphere and we love the sights sounds, smells and people in a restaurant. We often joke that if we weren’t working on a Saturday night, we would simply be at someone else’s restaurant dining and drinking at their bar. When it’s “in your blood” as they say…


What inspired the design of GOZO?

Both Dominic and I have spent a lot of time in Europe, and have always been drawn to the simplicity and bare-bones style of so many European coffee houses and bistros, with a timeless feel. A great meal can be had with good food, great wines, and better people – all while dining on a table made of an old piece of wood and cinder blocks. Our look, feel and vibe convey that. Unpretentious to say the least!



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