Natalie owns Relevant Goods, a women’s boutique located on South Broadway. “Celebrating the urban and earth in each of us” is her guiding principle for her boutique and we love how perfect that is for Denver style. Denver is a happening & growing city while we are still rooted in the nature around us. Natalie is offering 10% off of the first purchase at Relevant Goods for anyone who reads about her boutique on Denver Vibe. So hustle on over & do some fall shopping!


Why did you choose Baker to do business in?

I sought out doing business in Baker specifically on the Broadway corridor for one reason. I think this neighborhood is one of the last remaining independent frontiers of Denver with regard to business. Baker is real and eclectic in its style and offerings. I love that the shops I chose to frequent prior to opening my own are here and willing to take me in and support me as a member of their community. Places like Fancy Tiger, Hope Tank and Ironwood inspired me because they really are a representation of the owner’s spirit and unique take on the world. The people who are working in those shops and my own are equally representative of that spirit and community of which I wanted to be a part.


How does Baker jive with your business culture?

This neighborhood jives with my business culture because it is about the people inside and outside of these doors. It is having neighbors in Baker who stop in solely to chat on a weekly basis. It is again, about the independent spirit of business owners who are putting their heart and soul into their business to make it work – putting all of their finances on the line without teams of investors giving insight. The Broadway corridor, in my opinion is about the heart of Denver and a pioneer spirit that has endured in this town for hundreds of years.


Why are you passionate about what you do?

I am passionate about my business because it is quite literally my love letter for Colorado. I grew up here and then moved to the east coast for 17 years. I learned a lot during my time away and had three beautiful children but never stopped being homesick for this place and the culture and support I felt here. When I moved back, I wanted to give people the chance to express what I loved about Colorado fashion; an easiness but a balance of down to earth and sophistication. My shop is built on texture and the literal color palate of the nature that surrounds us here.


kelleyWant to find your perfect neighborhood? Reach out to Kelley, a Live Urban Realtor & Denver Vibe writer who interviewed Natalie.