Meet Kathryn Tenney a local who lives in Baker. She loves her hood & shares with Denver Vibe why.

What neighborhood do you live in?


Why did you choose Baker?

I love the older homes and the proximity to South Broadway and Downtown Denver.  Also the ease of hopping on 6th Ave. to get to the mountains!

What are your favorite local places?

For all gifts and clothing I go to Fancy Tiger, this is the greatest small boutique with an amazing owner and staff.  For dinner, Cho77 is my personal favorite, this has been an awesome addition to the neighborhood with a variety of delicious dishes.  My favorite neighborhood brewery is Baere Brewing Company.

What do you love about Denver?

I love the kindness of the people in Denver and the ease of getting around by bike.  I also love the proximity to the mountains.

Are you from CO?

I am not from Colorado, but, I have lived here for my entire adult life, almost fifteen years.

How would you describe the personality or “vibe” of Denver? Baker?

Tough question, I think Denver is a young city with a kind of changing personality, very active and interested in beer… My neighborhood has a great mix of people who have been here for many years and newcomers.

How would you describe your personality?

I love getting outside with my dog (in the neighborhood, along the creek paths, and in the mountains).


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