Colorado+ has so many local craft beers on tap that you can keep coming back time and time again to continue to be surprised. And the food is outstanding at this Wheat Ridge staple.  Colorado + brews its own varieties and also carries up to 50 guest brewers on tap.

Local Wheat Ridge residents, Eugene Kahng and his wife Jae Kim are the owners of Colorado+ which opened its doors on West 38th Ave right in the center of The Ridge in 2014.

When asked “Why Wheat Ridge”, Eugene responded:

“I chose Wheat Ridge because I felt comfortable and confident that I could work with and offer a valuable experience to the local community. I had my first business on 44th and Wadsworth for six years it was a local liquor retail store (Vern’s) and I was able to connect with a lot of home brewers and local breweries as we used to do wine & beer tastings every Friday. I met Adam, Mike and other staff members through Vern’s. I also grew up in Lakewood the town next door to Wheat Ridge and a few of my friends I’ve known throughout the years have attended Wheat Ridge High School, so I felt really comfortable dealing with people and understanding the culture of this area. What makes Wheat Ridge so special is it has a great Community feel.”

Colorado+ is all about bringing local craft breweries and locally sourced foods together showcasing all the great things this state has to offer, more importantly, they all play a role in working and building together as a community.

Meet the staff!

Jae’s role is the treasurer and she is in charge of payroll, profit & loss statements, creating the budget for every month and graphic designer which includes designing the posters for upcoming events and menu design.”

Adam Draeger is the head brewer at C+ and he has created original recipes intended to complement and not compete with the other breweries we have on tap incorporating traditional with nontraditional ingredients in his beers.

Mike Nafai is our front of house operations manager, event coordinator and now assistant brewer, he has created the systems for all the events we hold here at C+ and front of house operations since the beginning.

Jan Vonada is our head chef and his vision for incorporating a kitchen that utilizes local ingredients has been instrumental in defining us as a restaurant destination.

Grant Teason, our sous chef is responsible for helping develop our menu along with creating savory daily food specials that pair well with craft beer.

The rest of our staff is just as important, their effort and energy is what makes C+ an enjoyable experience for our guests.

joyJoy Opp knows Wheat Ridge better than anyone. Reach out to her with any of your neighborhood questions!